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About Bad Bronco

When I saw the new Bronco teaser and reveal, I knew it was going to be legendary, like it's predecessors. I also knew it would be the next Jeep in terms of capability, style and community. It had all of the elements needed for a lifestyle brand.

After seeing the new bucking Bronco icon, I had this vision of a bucking Bronco skeleton on the back door, and I knew it had to be done. I also had a strong feeling people would really resonate with it. It's edgy, rebellious, dangerous, and a nod to the Bronco's resurrection! It captures the essence of six generations of Broncos, with the edge of Ghost Rider and pirates.

So I had the Bronco Bones idea, but still needed a name. My wife and I brainstormed for a few days and landed on Bad Bronco. My hope is that Bad Bronco becomes a community and lifestyle of Bronco owners, of all generations.

Ben Peacock, Founder

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